Gas Company Half Truths & Their Aftermath – Chapin Dehydration Station

Friends, if you have been following our blog and facebook posts, you will remember that PVR Partners has a newly constructed Gas Dehydration Station in Beaumont, PA, just outside of the Luzerne County Line & Dallas Township. A portion of this facilities uses were slated for just across the street from the Dallas School System [...]

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Celebrating a Battle Won but Preparing For War!

  YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! UGIES ‘s West Wyoming Compressor Station Permit Denied! By coming together as a community and showing up and letting our officials know how we feel, one after another…we made an impact and stood up for our quality of life….you let our officials know we value [...]

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The “F” Word – It’s Not What You Think!

Everyone has been working so hard for the Valley.  Isn’t it tiring and zapping to keep the entire Wyoming Valley and Luzerne County on your shoulders?  Thankfully the burden is being shared by an enormous amount of volunteers! Without those volunteers, diligently researching, attending meetings, making phone calls, passing out information – this organization wouldn’t [...]

Luzerne County Zoning Ordinance Document
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Luzerne County Zoning Ordinance

With the help of the Luzerne Council Council, the Luzerne County Zoning ordinance that applies to our case before the Zoning Hearing Board is now accessible by all….now you have access!! Hooray!! Thank you again for your commitment to be a community watch dog and action group.  Thanks to your efforts, this document is [...]

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It Takes A Village

Wow! That’s all we can say is Wow! What a spectacular crowd at the Luzerne County Zoning Meeting last night. 200 Spectacular! 1am Spectacular!  We are so proud of everyone – for attending, for sticking through hours of testimony, for Testifying to the injustice that is before our zoning board. Everyone should wake up this [...]